Reception and Nursing admission

On presentation to ACT Endoscopy you will be greeted by the reception staff who will ask you to complete some paperwork and confirm your personal details.

You will then be asked to take a seat and wait for the nurse who will take you through to the admission room.

The nurse will check your medical history and will be able to address any queries or concerns you may have regarding your procedure. Once this is completed you will be escorted to your bed area in the Recovery room where you will get changed into a patient gown. Once on the bed you will be provided with a warm blanket and the nurse will take your vital signs (blood pressure, pulse, respiration rate and oxygen saturations).

Pre-procedure consult with your Sedationist/Anaesthetist and Gastroenterologist

Your sedationist/anaesthetist will speak with you prior to your procedure to discuss any relevant medical history & discuss your sedation. You will be able to ask any questions at this time.

Your Gastroenterologist will discuss your upcoming procedure and answer any questions before obtaining your consent to proceed. If you have any questions about your procedure it is important you ask your doctor prior to signing your consent form.

Your procedure

Approximately 45 minutes to 1hour after your admission you will be taken on your bed into the procedure room. The nurse will ask you to state your name, date of birth and the procedure you are having.

The sedationist/anaesthetist will then administer medication that will put you in a gentle sleep like state. A cannula (small needle) will be inserted into the back of your hand or in your arm, either in the recovery area or in the procedure room, through which the medication will be given. The procedure may take between 10-30 minutes. Your vital signs will be continuously monitored during this time.


Following your procedure you will remain in bed and your vital signs will be monitored for 30 minutes. After this time the nurse will assess if you are awake enough and ready to be served a light refreshment. You will be offered a hot or cold beverage and a sandwich.

The Gastroenterologist will explain the findings of your procedure however due to the effects of the sedatives given during the procedure you may not be able to clearly recall all the details of the discussion with the doctor. A written report will be given on discharge with all the information.



Your carer/friend will be contacted approximately 30 minutes prior to your discharge. The recovery nurse will ensure you are ready to be discharged and will then remove the cannula in your hand/arm. You will be given written discharge instructions along with your written procedure report. Once you are fully dressed you will be escorted to the waiting area at reception where you will be required to remain until your carer arrives to take you home.

After having sedation you must not drive a vehicle of any sort, operate machinery of any sort, sign any important documents, drink alcohol or participate in any strenuous activity.

Following discharge you must rest for the remainder of the day.

Waiting times

You will have been given a time to arrive at ACT Endoscopy. This is your admission time and not your procedure time. You will be with us for approximately 3hrs from admission to discharge. We would usually expect that your procedure will be 45 minutes to 1hour after your admission. However, due to the varying length of procedures it is sometimes difficult to estimate an accurate time for your procedure.

Should there be delays our staff will endeavour to keep you informed. We appreciate your understanding and patience should unavoidable delays occur.

What to bring

  • Short sleeve T-shirt and socks (allowed to wear these during your procedure)
  • A list of your medications
  • Payment as requested in your estimate of fees invoice
  • Name and contact details of the person collecting you
  • Reading material while you wait – we do provide various magazines
  • Reading glasses if required
  • Mobile phone or IPad is acceptable provided they are kept in silent mode and no phone calls are made or received in the Recovery area (texting if fine)

What not to bring

  • Jewellery or any valuables

Please remember that any personal items or valuables including jewellery bought into ACT Endoscopy will be your responsibility.