Explanation of accounts

Summary of Charges

Hospital Fees raised by ACT Endoscopy for your admission:

    1. Accommodation fee;
    2. Theatre fee; and
    3. Prosthesis items (if required).

Accounts concerning Medical Services, which you may receive in the mail: 

    1. Endoscopist's fee;
    2. Sedationist/ Anaesthetist's fee; and
    3. Pathology fee (if biopsies or tissue are taken during the procedure).

Hospital Fees (Accommodation and Theatre fees)

As a private patient with private health insurance, your hospital and medical gaps may be covered by your insurance, or you may have to pay an amount       out of your own pocket. This amount depends on the type of cover you have with your health fund and whether ACT Endoscopy has a contract/agreement     with your fund. We will expect payment of any excess/co-payment on the day of your admission.

If you hold only "basic" hospital cover, have certain pre-existing conditions or are within a waiting period specified by your fund only part of your costs may     be paid by your private health fund. It is recommended that you check with your own fund to ensure that you know what will be covered. You will be charged   in accordance with the hospital contract/agreement that is in place with ACT Endoscopy. However, you will be required to pay your account in full on the     day of admission and seek reimbursement from your fund yourself.

If you are unsure of the type of cover you have it is strongly recommended that you contact your health fund prior to your admission. This will ensure that       you are fully aware of what your fund will cover you for and you know what you may be liable to pay yourself.

 Please Note: The previous steps are important to ensure you are fully aware of what your fund will or will not pay for your admission to ACT Endoscopy.  Being aware of your out-of-pocket expenses prior to your admission will enable you to be prepared and also enable you time to discuss with us any queries  you may have.

If you do not hold private health fund insurance you will be expected to pay our account in full at the time of admission, as per the Estimate of Fees which you should receive prior to your admission.

Hospital fees (theatre & accommodation) are NOT claimable from Medicare


If required (although rarely used) there are 4 types of prosthesis that currently may be used;

  • Boston Clipping device/s to control bleeding after the removal of polyp/s at $145.00 each
  • Olympus Ligating Loop at $145.00 each
  • Boston Multiple Band Ligator at $275.00 each
  • Cook Haemorrhoidal Multi Band at $65.00 each

Depending on your level of cover this cost may be covered under your health insurance. For uninsured patients this will be an additional charge. These are Ministerial approved prostheses and the fee is determined by the Prosthesis Committee and reviewed annually.

Medical Fees 

In addition to your hospital charges there will be other accounts that you will receive. Invoices will be mailed to you separately after your admission.

The doctor who performed your endoscopy. You should have received an estimate of fees from your doctor advising of any out of pocket fees (medical gap). If you have any questions regarding the doctor's fee please contact the doctor's rooms before the procedure.

Sedationist/Anaesthetist Fees: An account raised by the doctor providing the sedation service. An invoice will be mailed to you following your discharge. Below is an estimate of your out of pocket costs.

Patients who have no private health insurance, or those with only basic level of hospital cover, or those who are within waiting periods or under the pre-existing condition rule will have an out of pocket cost of up to $175.00.

Patients with full/top private health (providing waiting periods and pre-existing do not apply) invoices will be billed directly to their health fund; a patient will only receive an invoice if their health fund declines a payment for whatever reason.

As a concession, uninsured pensioners will be billed at a reduced rate with little or no out of pocket costs - but we must sight your current pension card issued by the Australian Government at the time of your admission, otherwise full fees will apply.

Pathologist Fees: The fee raised is dependent on the number of specimens collected and the type of processing the specimen requires for the pathologist to give a diagnosis. Therefore it is difficult to give an exact cost. Currently the maximum cost you may be out of pocket is approximately $50.00.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact our accounts staff who will be happy to assist you.

Telephone: (02) 6232 4790.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.