Commitment to service

ACT Endoscopy's Commitment to You

ACT Endoscopy is a health facility licensed by ACT Health as a Day Hospital and is Accredited with the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards. For ongoing quality improvement and management, your records may be accessed by an audit officer/Quality Improvement Manager or ACHS for the purposes of accreditation activities.

ACT Endoscopy is owned and managed by Dr Lee, Dr Corbett, Dr Riddell and Dr Thomson. They are committed to providing the highest standard of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy and related services to their patients.

This facility has been designed to provide comfortable patient accommodation. It has been fully equipped with the most up-to-date medical equipment and particular attention is paid to ensure that rigorous infection control practices are in place.

All doctors and health professionals working at ACT Endoscopy are appropriately qualified and experienced in the services they provide. Ongoing training is provided to ensure that high standards are maintained.In the rare event of an emergency, it is dealt with quickly, appropriately and in an expert manner. Arrangements are in place with all the hospitals in Canberra to accept emergency transfer of patients should this be required.

ACT Endoscopy is also committed to provide the best possible access for its patients and  every effort is made to minimise direct costs to patients. 

ACT Endoscopy, its Doctors, Anaesthetists and Sedationists have all agreed to seek to minimise the patient contribution. We will enter into contracts with Private Health Insurance Funds wherever possible to help simplify accounts.


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